The Big Red Heart Association

Mission: To provide scholarships for MHS students by raising health and awareness in the community.

Vision: To partner with area agencies and share knowledge and understanding of what it takes to have healthy habits for a healthy heart.

Why We Exist: After our high school classmate passed away from heart disease, we became aware of the fact that Heart Disease is the number 1 cause of death in the United States. Additionally, Muskegon County is one of the most obese counties in Michigan. We became determined to do something about it.  through the promotion of heart healthy activities and sponsoring future health care professionals from Muskegon.

What We Do: Promote Heart Healthy Activities and assist in the educational goals of future health care professionals graduating from Muskegon High School.

Our Goals: We seek to become the preeminent organization in Muskegon County for heart health and awareness.

Events: We host an annual Big Red Heart 5k Run and bi-annual fundraising activities22308884_2063279953697473_4757800281828345657_n


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